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Pond Filtration Tips

December 4th, 2013

simple-filterSetting up a Koi pond or fountain in your garden can be a great experience. What a lot of fresh pond owners fail to understand, is the importance of pond filtration. Unlike natural bodies of water, a garden pond does not have a steady fresh water source. This means a pond must be filtered on a continuous basis in order to make sure a healthy environment for live Koi and goldfish. Replacing water every week or adding different chemicals to your pond are not substitutes for a pond filter.

There are essentially two types of filtration every pond owner should care about – mechanical filtration and biological filtration. Mechanical filtration means the removal of debris and fish wastes from your pond water. Basically, the function of mechanical filtration is to remove everything that can be seen by the outside viewer. Biological filtration, usually known as bio, helps to reach acceptable water parameters in your pond required to provide a healthy ecosystem for Koi fish. The best pond pumps are important in this case.

With the latest boost in popularity within the pond and water garden niche markets, today there are several pond filter systems available. Each of these systems are built to provide some level of both mechanical and bio filtration. There are some prominent differences; yet, in terms of efficiency and the types of ponds and water gardens created for use with these filters. So as to select the best pond filter for your specific needs, it is first critical to determine the type of pond you have.

If the koi pond filtration you choose uses mechanical filtration, the unit that does pondfilters12446712122348the job of removing organic waste can quickly be detached for cleanup. Pond pump may itself have a filter. But, if this portion of the filter is not cleaned frequently, the waste may go back to the water and become more hazardous than ever, because it may broke down into smaller, but more damaging bacteria eventually.

Make sure the supplier you are buying your filter from is someone who offers warranty and support. Both online or in real shops, filter retailers should be able to assist their customers particularly in times when the product they have sold does not live up to its stated functions.

If you are comfortable with tools yourself and have curiosity in mechanics and crafts, why not challenge into making your own pond filtration system? Be sure, however, that this is a project you would want to see through to the end, or you may end up wasting on materials for something you cannot make use of, only to dole out more for a ready-made filter eventually.
We hope you have found this article advantageous and helpful and welcome any comments or questions.


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